Would you like to host your own play date? Please contact Kathy at the store to discuss rental opportunities.

Wondering what to do with the kiddos all summer? Come play with us, rain or shine! Every Wednesday morning, Yarn Harbor will host a play date for moms, dads, and kids. We will provide kid-friendly snacks and beverages for purchase. You bring a project and some toys. We are right across the street from a ball field and a playground, too.

Play Date Rules

  • Courtesy and grace are required in our store at all times. Please respect the space and use your indoor voices.
  • Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times, including during trips to the restroom.
  • We are not providing childcare, rather we are providing a space to gather and play and craft together.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Please take your trash with you when you leave, and leave the space as you found it.
  • Play here at your own risk - we are not responsible for injuries.
  • The door to the store must remain closed at all times.