Drop Spindling 101

Have you ever wanted to spin your own yarn but are intimidated by the cost and commitment involved in purchasing a spinning wheel? The drop spindle is the perfect way to get started with very little upfront investment. With nothing but a spindle and some fiber, you will be making your own yarn in no time. Materials: 1 drop spindle and 4 oz. wool roving.

Cost: $38       Instructor: Katie Rider

Wednesday, August 9, 16 & 23 @ 6 - 8 pm

Wednesday, October 18, 25 & November 1 @ 5 - 7 pm
Tuesday, January 23, 30 & February 6 @ 5 - 7 pm

Yarn Design for Hand Spinners

Do you like crazy art yarn?  Are you hoping to spin enough yarn for a sweater or other project?  When hand spinning your own yarn, the design possibilities are nearly endless.  Using fiber preparation, spinning and plying techniques, students will learn how to plan a yarn from start to finish. Students will also learn how to use a drum carder and a blending board to prepare fiber for spinning.  Materials:  Fiber kits will be available for purchase the night of class for $20.

Cost: $30
Instructor: Katie Rider

Friday, November 17 @ 5 - 8 pm
Friday, January 12 @ 5 -8 pm


 Wet Felting 

Nuno Felted Scarf   Date Changed

The nuno felting technique bonds loose fiber, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt.  Using colorful wool roving, students will create beautiful lightweight silk scarves.  The design possibilities are endless!  Create a scarf for yourself, or get started on your holiday gift making.  Materials:  Felting kits available the night of class for $8.

Cost: $30
Instructor: Katie Rider

Saturday, November 4 @ 9 am - Noon
Friday, December 1 @ 5 - 8 pm

Wet Felted Gnome, Tomte, or Nisse

Create your very own original, unique custom wet felted Gnome, Tomte, or Nisse.  It can stand on a table, mantle, or used as a bottle topper. 12" tall, approx 5" across. Come join the holiday fun... Dress for mess, bring an apron and 2 old bath towels. Good workout! You will be on your feet for about 2 1/2 hrs. 

Materials: 1 1/2 oz of either red or gray wool roving from Yarn Harbor. 

Everything else provided by the instructor for $25.

Cost: $20 + supply fee $25 to instructor (includes curly locks, wooden nose, and stuffing)

Instructor: Cindy Erickson

Sunday, November 19 @ 12:30 - 3:00 pm

Needle Felting

Needle Felting with Cookie Cutters  

If you don't feel comfortable working free-hand, cookie cutter felting is for you. Use the cookie cutter to form your base shape and then embellish. The technique is quick and you are limited only by your imagination. Cookie cutters and embellishments provided. Materials: felting pad or foam sponge, several ounces of wool roving in the colors of your choice, and a heavyweight felting needle.   

Cost: $15
Instructor: Theresa Hornstein        

Thursday  December 7 @ 6 - 8 pm

Needle-Felted Gnomes

As the holidays approach, invite this needle-felted gnome into your home.   Learn to make the basic body and then dress your gnome in your favorite shades of roving.  Material:  Bring felting pad or foam sponge, several ounces of wool roving in the colors of your choice, heavy-weight felting needle

Cost: $20             
Instructor: Theresa Hornstein        

Thursday, November 16 @ 6 -9 pm


Zippered Hearts

Take a broken zipper and some roving and you have the makings of a one of a kind heart.  It is the perfect Valentine’s gift.  Zippers will be provided. Material: felting pad or foam sponge, several ounces of wool roving in the colors of your choice, heavyweight felting needle

Cost: $15             

Instructor: Theresa Hornstein           

Thursday, January 25 @ 6 - 8 pm  


Rigid Heddle Weaving 101

Need a new way to bust through that yarn stash? Or maybe you’re ready to add a new dimension to your fiber repertoire? For a new weaver, a scarf is a great first project and a fun way to explore the basics of making fabric. Using a portable rigid heddle loom, we will talk about warp and weft, learn direct warping, and weave a plain weave scarf while practicing rhythm and even tension. We will go over hemming and taking the project off the loom at our finishing party. Materials: Rigid Heddle loom (available for rental from Yarn Harbor for $15), warp and weft yarn, a few yards of smooth scrap yarn, and a tapestry needle. For the warp and weft, bring 150 yards of each color in worsted weight yarn. For the warp yarn, it needs to pass the “pull test”: if the yarn snaps or drifts apart when firmly pulled, then it isn’t suitable for warp.

Cost: $45              

Instructor: Tracy Griggs  

Saturday, September 23 @ 10 am - 4 pm with a break for lunch and
Thursday, October 12 @ 6 - 7 pm for finishing

Saturday January 27 @ 10-4 pm with a break for lunch
Thursday February 15 @ 6-7 pm Finishing

Beyond the Basics Rigid Heddle Weaving:
Log Cabin & Houndstooth Color-and-Weave Effects

Are you ready to move beyond plain weave into color-and-weave effects with the rigid heddle loom? This holiday season, create a fabulous scarf or stylish bag for you or someone special incorporating Traditional Log Cabin or Classic Houndstooth patterning. Both techniques add a little pizazz to your wardrobe and only look complex; you simply alternate the colors and the optical illusion emerges. You will learn to warp with two contrasting colors, weave following a pattern, and practice neat selvedges. Previous experience in warping a loom and plain weaving is helpful, minimal hand sewing needed for finishing. Materials: Rigid Heddle loom with a 7.5/8-dent reed (available for rental from Yarn Harbor), a few yards of smooth scrap yarn/fabric, a tapestry needle, and warp and weft yarn (minimum 220 yards each in worsted weight yarn and highly contrasting colors). For the warp yarn, it needs to pass the “pull test”: if the yarn snaps or drifts apart when firmly pulled, then it isn’t suitable for warp.

Cost: $45   loom rental: $15            

Instructor: Tracy Griggs       

Saturday November 18th @ 11- 5 pm with a break for lunch           
Thursday December 7th @ 6 - 7 pm finishing class

Circular Weaving

Circular weaving is a fun and portable way to create unique fiber art. This technique has very few rules, so your creativity really gets a chance to shine. You will learn how to warp and weave a small wall hanging or bowl in just one class! Materials: sturdy scissors, a tapestry needle, and yarn, ribbons, or roving in various colors/textures/weights. If you would like to keep your weaving on the loom to hang it on the wall, bring an embroidery hoop or wire clothes hanger to use.

Cost: $25 + $5 material fee payable to instructor       
Instructor: Tracy Griggs        

Friday December 8 @ 5 pm- 8 pm

This section includes Needle Felting, Wet Felting, Weaving, and Spinning