All crochet classes are taught by Jo’Elle Galo. The cost of the class does not include materials or patterns. Our staff is happy to help you choose the proper materials listed for each class. You will receive a 10% discount on class supplies.

 Crochet 101 - Dish Cloths

Learn five of the basic stitches used in almost all crochet. Chain, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, and Shell stitches will be taught and practiced. This is a great class for anyone who is looking to get back to crochet but wants a refresher, or for someone who has never picked up a hook and wants to start at the beginning. We will make a few dishcloths as finished projects. This class is divided into three sessions so you have a chance to really learn and practice the stitches.
Materials: Size J/10 6.00 mm crochet hook, safety pin style stitch markers, approx. 500 yards of yarn in a medium worsted weight cotton. You should have two different colors, one for the cloth and the other for the borders. colors. No dark colors, light colors are easiest to learn on. Pattern 101 dishcloth by Jo’Elle Galo available at Yarn Harbor.

Cost $38                           Monday January 29, February 5 & 12 @ 5:30-7:30 pm


Crochet 102 Hat

Learn the basics of crochet in the round with this hat class. It’s a great way to learn to make single crochet in the round stitches. Once you learn this simple hat you can make many variations to suit your needs. This hat would make a great gift.
Materials: Size H/8 4.5mm crochet hook, minimum of 100 yards of medium worsted weight yarn, safety pin style stitch markers, Beanie Hat pattern by Jo’Elle Galo available on Ravelry or at Yarn Harbor.

Cost: $25                                     Monday October 23 & November 6 @ Noon - 2 pm

Four Way Mobius Cowl

The Four-Way Cowl is a true Mobius cowl: done in the round with no beginning or ending. Worn as a straight cowl, over the shoulders, as a babushka, or doubled around your neck, this is a fun project that crochets up quickly! It can be made in many yarn weights and the size of yarn will determine the weight and drape of the final product. We use a fairly large hook, so in a light weight it will be quite open and lacy. Materials: Four-Way Mobius Cowl pattern by Jo’Elle Galo (available on Ravelry or at Yarn Harbor); min. 450 yards sport, dk, or worsted weight yarn; US J10/6.00 mm, tapestry needle, and safety pin style markers.

Cost: $25                                     
                                                     Monday December 4 & 11 @ 3 - 5 pm


Baby Octopus Toy

This toy has a few uses, it is a great baby gift for any newborn.  It is made from 100% cotton so it is very soft and washable. It is also used in Neonatal Intensive Care Units all across the US and many other countries.

It makes sense for any baby let alone a premature baby in the NICU to want something soft to cradle as well as take comfort in, but why an octopus? It turns out that the eight-tentacled sea creatures make the babies feel more secure as the tentacles remind them most of their mother's umbilical cord. (Not to mention, octopi have three hearts so maybe they offer more love and affection than any other animal — even in crochet form.(For more information visit: Materials: Size F/5 3.75mm crochet hook, 200 yards worsted weight cotton, It can be in 2 colors if desired, 100 yards in one color for the body, 100 yards in a second color for the legs, 25 yards of white for the eyes and 10 yards of black for the eyes. tapestry needle, safety pin style markers.   A handful of stuffing is used to fill the body. You can purchase this from the instructor for $1.00 if needed. The pattern will be supplied by the instructor.

Cost: $25                                      Monday December 11 & 18 @ 5:30-7:30 pm

                                                       Monday, January 8 & 15 @ 3 - 5 pm


Dishcloth with Scrubby

This is the best dishcloth you will ever make. It is easy to make and you will make several of them after you learn how. It is made from 100% cotton so it washes up well and is less likely to mold. It also uses a bit of scrubby yarn in the corner. tapestry needle, safety pin style markers. Materials: Size I/9 5.5mm Crochet hook, 200 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn, 25 yards of scrubby yarn, safety pin style markers, tapestry pin-style markers.

Cost: $15                                     Monday November 27 @ 3 - 5 pm
                                                      Monday December 18 @ 3 - 5 pm
                                                      Monday January 8 @ 3 - 5 pm


Messy Bun Hat

This hat is very popular with the teenagers and 20 somethings, especially those with a lot of hair.  It became a big sensation last year and has just gotten bigger this year.  It is a hat made from the top down, it has a hole in the top that a messy bun (hence the name) or pony tail can come through.
Materials: J/10 6.00mm, 170 yards of worsted weight yarn, Elastic hair tie, tapestry needle, safety pin style markers. Messy Bun Hat pattern by Jo’Elle Galo available on Ravelry or at Yarn Harbor.

Cost: $25                           Monday Nov 27, Dec 4 5:30-7:30